A Helpful Guide to Back Pain Sufferers when Buying a New Mattress

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Back pain is something that most people will experience from time to time, and typically, it goes away on its own. However, there are people that suffer from chronic back pain. This could be caused by excessive weight, a past back injury or genetics. This pain can affect many aspects of a person’s life, but one area where chronic back pain can be a real issue is when it affects a person’s sleep. Because sleep is so important to a person’s physical and cognitive health, it will be important to look specifically for a mattress that will help a person with chronic back pain to sleep better.


The thing to remember is that for each person that suffers from chronic back pain, the needs for a mattress will always be different. That’s why being selective in terms of the mattress that is chosen is essential. Some people have their back pain flare up due to a lack of support while sleeping. That is why a firm mattress may work best. However, there are various types of firm mattresses from memory foam, gel foam, and spring mattresses to choose from. There are also varying degrees of firmness to choose from, so taking the time to figure out what type of firm mattress and the level of firmness that will work best is vital.

Soft and Plush

For others, they may need soft cushioning to cradle their body, especially their back region and this is where a soft or a plush mattress may do the trick. Just like with a firm mattress, there are various levels of plushness so it will be important to select carefully. In addition, a person may need a mixture of firm and plush. In these cases, memory or gel foam mattresses may the best call. In addition, a firm spring mattress with a soft pillow top may be more in line with what is needed.

The choices can be a little confusing and difficult to take in at one time. That’s why careful consideration will be crucial if you’re going to find the right mattress to help soothe your back pain and give you a great night of sleep each and every time you go to bed. If you’d like to learn more about finding the perfect mattress for any situation, you may want to click here for more.



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